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We are certified for the following topics :

NIS 2 Directive Senior Lead Implementer, ISO 42001 Artificial Intelligence Management System, Senior Lead CyberSecurity Manager, ISO 27001:2022 Transition, ISO 22301 Auditor, ISO 22301 Senior Lead Implementer, ISO 27001 Senior Lead Auditor, ISO 27005 Risk Manager, ISO 27035 Lead Incident Manager, PECB Trainer, ISO 27002 Lead Manager, ISO 27001 Senior Lead Implementer, SANS LEG523 Law of Data Security and Investigations, COBIT 5, PRINCE 2 foundation, ITIL v3 Foundation.

Information Security

As a provider of IT security services, we understand the ever-evolving threat landscape and the critical need for robust measures and a systematic approach to safeguard your sensitive information assets

Training and certifications

We provide Certification trainings and awareness sessions, both on premises or in external locations, from 1 to 5 days. The coverage of topics ranges from Information Security to Audit, Risk Management and Business Continuity.

NIS 2 & ISO 27001 Certification Guidance

We provide NIS 2 Directive, ISO 27001/27002 (Information Security Management System) and ISO 22031 (Business Continuity Management System) implementation guidance and governance.


The added value of IT governance lies in its ability to align IT strategies with business goals, optimize resource allocation, enhance overall decision-making, and fosters a culture of accountability.

Risk and Controls Management

By systematically identifying, assessing, and mitigating IT-related risks, your organization can effectively protect its digital assets and maintain continuity in the face of potential threats.

IT Audits

Performing audits adds value by providing independent assessments of your IT controls, processes, and security measures. It helps identify weaknesses, ensures regulatory compliance, and enhances operational efficiency.

Our Features

Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions

As your trusted independent contractor, we understand the unique challenges faced by organizations of all sizes. Our bespoke cybersecurity solutions are meticulously crafted to align with your specific governance needs. From bolstering network security to safeguarding critical data, our services are designed to empower your governance framework.

Adherence to Compliance: Upholding Your Governance Standards

Regulatory compliance is the cornerstone of effective governance. Our in-depth knowledge of industry regulations and best practices ensures that our services are tailored to help you navigate the complex landscape of compliance with confidence.

Personalized Consultancy and Dedicated Support

We value your unique requirements. Through personalized consultations, we work closely with you to address your governance challenges and devise effective security strategies. As your dedicated partner, we provide ongoing support to fortify your governance efforts.

Governance and Policy Implementation

Protecting your organization's assets goes beyond technology. We assist you in establishing robust governance frameworks and policy implementation strategies. Our goal is to ensure that your governance practices are aligned with industry best practices, promoting a secure and compliant environment.


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